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MU110781402 LHT/LHSProxy Switch


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Multilift 30mm plug in type proximity switch, this is connected via a four pin connector at the end of the sensor and has an LED which shows easily if the sensor is functioning correctly. It is responsible for detecting operation on the middle frame down funtion and rear frame down function, it is also located on the rear facing jaws and the tip locks. The cables which connect to this switch come in lengths varying from 1m to 10m and have a straight connection on one end and a 90 degree connector at the other. The cable part numbers are as follows; 1M = MU111483101, 3M = MU111483103, 5M = MU111483104, 7M = MU111483105, 10M = MU111483106. These items can be found in our webshop.

This proximity sensor can be found on the following equipments;

XR2, XR3, XR4, XR5, XR6, XR7, XR8, XR10, XR21S, XR21T, XR26S, XR26T, XR30S


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