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9852344X - Load Hold Valve (Aftermarket)

was £1,064.21 ex. VAT


ex. VAT

985 2344 HIAB 290 BAR LOAD-HOLDING VALVE - Style 2

This is an after-market price offered on this valve:

This item is compatible with the following equipment:

HIAB 102XS, HIAB 122 CL, HIAB 122B CL DUO, HIAB 122D CL DUO, HIAB122E DUO, HIAB 122 WOLSLEY, HIAB 144 CL, Hiab 144 CL DUO, HIAB144 D CL DUO, HIAB 144 E DUO, HIAB 166 CL, HIAB 166 B CL DUO, HIAB 166 B HIDUO, HIAB 166 D CL DUO, HIAB 166 D HIDUO, HIAB 166 E DUO, HIAB 166 E HIDUO, H985 2344 Load Hold Valve 29MPA

This load-holding valve can be found on the main lift cylinder and on the jib cylinder, it looks identical to the other load holding valves used on the XS range of cranes but this one is rated at 290 bar, if you are unsure about your unit please call for assistance.


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