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H3905268 Lever holder Bracket


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Hiab lever holder bracket, this item bolts directly to the main valve with the lever end of the spool fitting through the hole in the bracket. The lever link fits to this bracket and the end of the spool the lever then connects to the link. This item can be found on the following equipments;

Hia 071, Hiab 100, Hiab, 140, Hiab 090, Hiab 650, Hiab 070, Hiab 080, Hiab 345, HIAB 085, HIAB 095, HIAB 102, HIAB 112, HIAB 175EU, HIAB 175 NON CE, HIAB 122CL, HIAB 122BCL, HIAB 122DCL, HIAB 122E DUO, HIAB 122 WOLSELEY, HIAB 144CL, HIAB 144BCL, HIAB 144DCL, HIAB 144E DUO, HIAB 166CL, HIAB 166BCL, HIAB 166DCL, HIAB 166E DUO, HIAB 255K, HIAB 335K,


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