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9860487X Load Hold Valve (Aftermarket)


ex. VAT


This is an after-market price offered on this valve:

RRP- £1043.34

Our Price- £750

This item can be found on the following equipment;

HIAB 175, Hiab 200, HIAB 122 CL, HIAB 122B CL DUO, HIAB 122D CL DUO, HIAB122E DUO, HIAB 122 WOLSLEY, HIAB 144 CL, Hiab 144 CL DUO, HIAB144 D CL DUO, HIAB 144 E DUO, HIAB 166 CL, HIAB 166 B CL DUO, HIAB 166 B HIDUO, HIAB 166 D CL DUO, HIAB 166 D HIDUO, HIAB 166 E DUO, HIAB 166 E HIDUO, Hiab 244 E, Hiab 244 EP, Hiab 288E, Hiab 288 EP, Hiab 322, Hiab 377CLX, Hiab 422 CLX, Hiab 477 CLX.

This load-holding valve can be found on the main lift cylinder and on the jib cylinder, it looks identical to the other load-holding valves used on the XS range of cranes but this one is rated at 350 bar, if you are unsure about your unit please call for assistance.


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