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MU110039401 Cartridge Dump Valve Stem

was £252.20 ex. VAT


ex. VAT

MU110039401 Cartridge Valve also the same as MU114003952

Fitted on a couple of different Multilift valves.

MU112770901 Fast Lowering Valve
MU110039701 Load Holding Valve

This part is fitted on the following Multilift models

ULT14, ULT16, ULT18S, ULT18SL, ULT18Z, ULT20ZL,ULT21S, ULT21SL, ULT21Z, ULT22SL, ULT24S, ULT24SL, ULT24ZL, ULT26S, ULT26SL, ULT26Z, ULT30S, XP14M, XP14S, XP14T, XP18M, XP18S, XP18T, XP20S, XP22M, XP22S, XP22T, XP22Z, XP26M, XP26S,XP26T, XP26Z, XP30S, XR14S, XR14T, XR16S, XR16T, XR17SL, XR18S, XR18SF, XR18SL, XR18T, XR18Z, XR20SL, XR20ZL, XR21S, XR21SL, XR21T, XR21Z, XR22SL, XR24S,
XR24SL, XR24ZL, XR26S, XR26SL, XR26T, XR26Z, XR30S


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